This is the first time that i’ve tasted some pasta with different flavor. Actually i’m not fan of pastas specially when it is not familiar to me. This kind of pasta is unique and it taste good. The cream of the pasta taste very well. I really love it and I hope you can also come and visit it. It is along Engineer’s Hill Baguio CityPhotoGrid_1491733089510.png



The Nooks kitchen and pub.
For only 159 pesos the serving has pasta and side dishes like potato chips,chicken lollipop and mini pizza. But it’s not worth it. The satisfaction did not meet my expectations. But the food is pretty good it is just the serving that is too small and it didn’t overcome my cravings. Food is life they say and I agree with that. That’s why I always Go to some restaurants that satisfies my cravings 🙂. BTW the location of The Nooks is along Military cut off, Baguio city